The Artist



Abigail Dillon is a Jamaican-American artist whose work graces private collections coast to coast.   Many of her pieces are on display in and around the St. Paul, MN area.

Self-taught, she has been painting for almost a decade.  With advances in technology, she recently began producing original digital paintings.

The daughter of an artist and a musician and the sister of a film maker, artistic expression comes very naturally to Abigail.  

She is very much influenced by the beauty, strength and resiliency of the women from her parents’ native West Indian island.  



“Growing up, I watched several women in my family leave the comforts and familiarities of Jamaica behind and relocate to America.  For various reasons, some for school, some relocating for work or to start over, these strong and devoted mothers and wives took courageous leaps of faith for the betterment of themselves and their families.  To this day, I am still baffled by the mental fortitude it must have taken for my mother and aunts to leave their children behind, for months or sometimes years, while they tested the unforgiving terrain of a new world.      

I saw strong legs that walked miles to and from bus stops and home from double shifts.  I watched long backs toil over big Sunday dinners for the sake of keeping traditions alive.   There were proud shoulders, delicate enough to cradle the heads of newborns, yet wide enough to support my growth and expansion.  Wide hips that once carried straddling children now straddled an ocean bridging a path for their children’s futures. 

These women were inventive and perseverant.  Their resiliency is awe-inspiring.  I come from a family of stunning women whose beauty is found in the array of skin colors and a gamut of body sizes.  A deep meaningful beauty that beams from sun-kissed cheeks and spills from broken yet repaired loving hearts."


"From a young age, I realized the capacity of a woman and admired the genuine beauty from which I draw inspiration.  I’m often asked why I mostly paint woman.  And my answer is simple, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman.  Everything beautiful in the world can be found in a woman.  We were blessed with sensual curves, proud lines, luxurious textures and decadent colors.” 

Her artwork reflects that philosophy. 

New to Minnesota, Abigail shares her life with her supportive husband and two energetic and talented sons.